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A list of C++ libraries is available as a FAQ for comp.lang.c++. FTP file "libraries" from pub/usenet-by-group/comp.lang.c++ on, or send a "usenet-by-group/comp.answers/C++-faq/libraries" message to The same directory contains Marshall Cline's C++ FAQ as _posting_#1_4 through _posting_#4_4. [Chuck Morefield (, 1/23/94.]

PTF is a semiannual UNIX freeware collection. To CD ROMs plus a 50-page booklet. The 1/93 issue contains the ICOT 5th Generation software and several Lisp systems. $60 plus tax and handling; $50 for SUG and USENIX members. Prime Time Freeware (Sunnyvale),, (408) 433-9662, (408) 432-6149 Fax. [, AI-MEDICINE. Chris Matheus, 1/21/94.]

I mentioned the new comp.std.lisp newsgroup for discussion of Lisp standards and extensions. You can subscribe via email by writing to An archive is maintained on, and code submissions may be FTP'd into (Get the README files first.) Brad Miller (miller is the moderator. The Assoc. of Lisp Users list is also mirrored in email; contact alu-request [1/20/94.]

A short introduction to CLOS (Common Lisp object-oriented programming extension) may be FTP'd as clos-guide from /lisp/random on The author is Jeff Dalton ( [Bruce Schuchardt (, comp.lang.smalltalk, 1/10/94. Chuck Morefield.]

"Smalltalk Resource Guide is a directory of products, services, user groups, electronic resources, distributors, publications, trade shows, etc. $45 from Creative Digital Solutions (San Francisco), or, (415) 621-4252 Voice/Fax. [Ralph Johnson (, comp.lang.smalltalk, 1/10/94. Chuck Morefield.]

Joe Tatham publishes "The Software Entrepreneur's Resource Guide," a listing of over 50 publications plus software programs for marketing and management. A sample may be downloaded from the Compuserve ASP/Shareware forum.; (604) 984-7934, (604) 984-6159 Fax. [12/22/94.]

JCS Marketing is creating CD ROMs to circulate new shareware to 1008+ potential distributors and vendors. Authors pay $50 per 1.44 MB diskette. Bok Nan Lo is looking for small programs (under 300KB) to submit jointly by 2/15/94. Contact, (702) 348-7358, (702) 348-7358 Fax. [SEML, 1/20/94. Bill Park.]