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Robert J. Berger's InterNex Information Services (Menlo Park) is providing an online catalog service for DTP Direct, a vendor of Mac tools for graphic artists and desktop publishers. The catalog consists of hyperlinked Mosaic pages on InterNex is a complete Internet service bureau for information providers., (415) 473-3060, (415) 473-3062 Fax. [, 1/20/94.]

Maurice Clerc ( is managing a department of 20 workers at France Telecom while researching artificial memory systems ("memowares") at home. He has just written a paper on fuzzy sets for adaptive document management. Maurice and his wife -- a nurse -- have raised children to ages 22 and 20, and sponsor children in Africa and India. ("Today 40,000 children are dead of hunger. As yesterday. And tomorrow?") Maurice also keeps bees, reads science fiction, plays guitar and electronic organ, and is quite good at table tennis. He worked in Africa for two years, and is interested in other jobs outside France. [1/24/94.]

-- Ken