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Rufus is an object-oriented toolkit for searching, organizing, and browsing semi-structured information such as documents, email, programs, and images. One application is to create virtual Usenet newsgroups by selecting messages from existing newsgroups. [Peter Schwarz, IBM Almaden Research Center. David Greene,, 1/23/94. David Joslin.]

OmniMark is a multiplatform programming language for text- intensive pattern matching, linking, and manipulation, including translation of rich-text information to and from SGML. $2,495 for Mac, DOS, or SCO Unix; $8K-$15K for mainframes. Eric R. Skinner, Exoterica, (613) 722-1700. [Jacqueline Emigh, Newsbytes, 12/10/93. Bill Park.]

Ads in Computer-Assisted Research Forum (CARF), Fall 93: CINDEX 5.1 for DOS is "the best index management software available." Mac and Windows versions available in 1994. Indexing Research, (716) 461-5530. Folio VIEWS 3.0 for DOS, Windows, and Mac is "a revolutionary step forward in the electronic management of information." -- Windows Magazine, 8/93. Libraxus, Inc., (613) 567-2484. [Todd J.B. Blayone (, HUMANIST, 12/22/93.]