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"Victims of the information age" may call the American Physical Therapy Association toll-free help line at (800) 995-7848, February 3-4 only. [Wired, 2/94. Ellen Kessler (, C+HEALTH, 1/25/94.]

A discussion on "the limits of computation" is beginning in Usenet's newsgroup. [David Joslin (, 1/22/94.]

Multimedia Computing Corp. (Campbell, CA) is compiling a comprehensive market study on information navigation. Contact Nick Arnett ( with your company profile or project summary. (You'll get part of the market study in return.) Areas of interest include search and retrieval, browsing, ranking, text databases, hypertext/hypermedia, markup systems, agents, news filtering, intellectual property law, and cyberspace advocacy. [, 1/13/94. Anandeep Pannu.]

Electronic Data Systems' Shadow Patent Office (SPO) is offering free patent searches until 5:00 pm CST, 1/28/94. EDS has the 1.7M patent records back to 1972. The test will use 16 MAYA Concept Search Engines to find the 100 patents closest to each query. For help, send a "help" message to For a subject search, send an email message with .25-2 pages of description. For an infringement search, specify "patent id:" followed by a space and an 8-digit patent number (with no leading zero or commas). A method of weighting on specific keywords is also available. A second free trial will be offered later. Comments to [Mark Costlow (, com-priv, 1/25/94. Bill Park.]

"The unOfficial Yellow Pages of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work" (CSCW-YP) lists 369 CSCW or groupware systems and projects. The latest version may be FTP'd as pub/groupware/cscwyp.*. [Paal S. Malm (, comp.groupware, 1/12/94.]

Rik Belew is building a genealogy of AI thesis-advising relationships, to complement citation analysis and free-text information retrieval as tools for understanding the AI community and their connections to other disciplines. (For background, see James Fleck's "Development and Establishment in Artificial Intelligence" in Brian P. Bloomfield's "The Question of Artificial Intelligence" (Croom Helm Ltd., 1987).) 2,600 MS and PhD theses have been tabulated in aigen.rpt (170KB) from /pub/rik on AI researchers are invited to send additional listings, including year, title, abstract, school, advisor, committee members, and where you have since worked. Write to, (619) 534-7029 Fax, for the questionnaire. [1/25/94.]

An unmoderated comp.constraints newsgroup is being considered. (Related lists are,, and Questions about the group may be sent to Manfred Meyer ( If interested, send an "I vote [YES|NO] on comp.constraints" message to by 1/31/94. [, 1/22/94. David Joslin.]