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The US PTO (Arlington, VA) needs 10 CS patent examiners. 2-year term, possibly leading to permanent appointment. Call (800) 327-2909 or (703) 305-8231 for announcement PTO-94-008, closing 4/29/94. GS-5, 7, or 9. [Paul Lord (, m.j.o, 1/25/94.]

LANL's Computer Research and Applications Group (Los Alamos, NM) is offering GRAs in NII technologies and applications. Recent MS/PhDs may also apply. Topics include discrete mathematics, mathematical biology, security, algorithms, data structures, information mining and navigation, multiresolution data analysis, clustering, learning, distributed computing, OODB, graphics and visualization, etc. Also policy and sociological issues. Full-time summer appointments are typical, but longer terms are possible. Applications are accept year-round, and US citizenship is not required. Contact, preferably by 2/4/94. [, m.j.o, 1/24/94.]

Harvard Medical School, MIT, and Tufts still have a few pre/postdoc fellowships in medical informatics, for 7/94 or later. US residency required. Contact Robert A. Greenes (, (617) 732-6281, (617) 732-6317 Fax. [AI-MEDICINE, 12/28/94. Chris Matheus.]

Colorado School of Mines' Mobile Robotics/Machine Perception Lab is offering MS/PhD summer GRAs and internships in Colorado industries. Symbolic AI is also included. [Robin R. Murphy (,, 1/16/94. David Joslin.]

A Connecticut client needs an experienced PhD (or MSEE) DSP R&D engineer for speech recognition, coding, algorithm development. $45K-$60K, relocation. #AE5477. Matt DiLorenzo (, THE INSIDE TRACK, (817) 599-7094, (817) 596-0807 Fax. [m.j.o, 1/21/94.]

HNC, Inc. needs a mathematically sophisticated MS/PhD staff scientist with experience in C and data analysis. NN, statistics, or OR desired, for work in financial risk assessment and NN product development. Job 324. Ms. Laural Jones (, (619) 546-8877, (619) 452-6524 Fax. [Anu Pathria (, m.j.o, 1/23/94.]

Adaptive Solutions Inc. (Beaverton, OR) needs a DC-area field applications engineer to help potential customers with target recognition, signal processing, OCR, image processing, machine vision, etc. Neural boards and chips can execute 20B operations per second. Dave T. Dorfman ( [m.j.o, 1/19/94.]

Loral Advanced Distributed Simulation, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) needs VR developers for its real-time Semi-Automated Forces simulation software. Unix/C/OOP; robotics, simulation, networking. Wendy Richardson (, (617) 873-2099 Fax. [1/25/94.]

NIST (Gaithersburg, MD) has an immediate opening for a group leader of its Engineering Design Technologies, to direct five research engineers developing design tools. 5 years experience. Steve Ray (, (301) 975-3524, (301) 258-9749 Fax. [dbworld, 1/26/94.]

UToronto has three 2-year and 3-year openings for CS faculty. One area of interest is neural networks, especially learning algorithms, time series prediction, or image interpretation. Canadian applicants get preference. Geoffrey Hinton ( [connectionists, 1/25/94.]

L'Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (Toulouse) is seeking a French-speaking "enseignant-chercheur en informatique" including theoretical foundations, AI (CSP, NN, GA, etc.), and HCI. Jean-Marc Alliot (, (33) 62-17-40-23 Fax. [, 1/12/94. David Joslin.]

UYork (UK), Dept. of CS, is offering an immediate 3-year PhD studentship in neural networks for aircraft sensor management. Apply by 2/7/94 to Jim Austin ( [, 1/18/94. David Joslin.]

King Saud University (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) needs CIS faculty, including database design, OOA, CASE, multimedia, decision analysis, expert systems, AI, etc. Contact Bradley Swim (f60c053@saksu00.bitnet), +966 1 467 5423 Fax, by 4/20/94. [m.j.o, 1/23/94.]

The European Computer-Industry Research Centre (ECRC) in Munich has a PhD research opening in constraint technology for spatial and temporal database systems., +49 89 926 99 170 Fax. [dbworld, 1/25/94.]

King's College London is seeking a 3-year CS lecturer. Post A1/CS/94. Apply to Mrs. Hillia Holland (h.holland, +44 (071) 873 2415 Fax, by 2/20/94. [Tomasz Radzik (, TheoryNet, 1/19/94. Jim Blythe.]

UAberdeen Dept. of Engineering needs a PhD research fellow for parallel image processing on high-resolution holograms of underwater objects. Contact Alastair Allen (, +44 224 272497 Fax, by 1/31/94. [1/11/94. Jim Blythe.]

Leipzig University has a immediate opening in Principles of Cortical Computation. Statistical mechanics of learning and self-organizing systems, esp. Kohonen feature maps, plus neural networks for the control of chaotic systems and implications for dynamical storage in the brain. 10 months. EC citizenship other than Germany. Dr. habil. R. Der (, +49-341-719 2399 Fax. [, connectionists, 1/26/93.]