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Larry Horn is seeking expert testimony concerning whether two texts were written by the same person. Send any leads to [LINGUIST, 1/21/94.]

Michael Everson has updated his List of Language Lists. This is the place to check if you want to discuss Esperanto or Klingon. FTP LNGLST15.TXT from /everson on [, LINGUIST, 12/3/93.]

Language Assistant translators by MicroTac Software are recommended by Roger Brisson. He has used the Mac French version for two years (and hasn't tried the new Windows GUI). Translations are very rough, but the program only costs $60. You need a rudimentary knowledge of the language, for word selection and grammar. MicroTac support has been very good and regular upgrades are priced fairly. Working vocabulary is over 100,000 words. [, HUMANIST, 1/12/94.]

Want to learn Spanish from CD ROM? Mike Langberg recommends Learn to Speak Spanish from Hyperglot Software, (800) 726-5087. $149 list; $99 street. Mac or MPC/Windows. Look for the box labeled "New Version! See & Hear Native Speakers!", which is version 4.0. The French program hasn't been upgraded yet. Berlitz Think & Talk is also good, as is Power Japanese for Windows (Bayware, 800-538-8867, $389/$199). [SJM, 1/23/94.]

Ling-TeX is a new list about typesetting linguistics material with TeX. Send a "sub ling-tex <"your name in quotes">" message to [Christina Thiele (, LINGUIST, 12/3/93.]

LucidaSans TrueType/PostScript phonetic fonts for Windows/Mac are available free from Charles Bigelow. Send a 3.5" HD disk and self-addressed stamped envelope (or just send $5) to Ecological Linguistics, P.O. Box 15156, Washington, DC, 20003. A serif typeface in several Times variants is $60. Ask for a catalog of international fonts. [LINGUIST, 12/16/93.] Another IPA phonetic font can be ordered from Atech Software, (800) 786-FONT. [Vicki Fromkin (, ibid.]

The Consortium for Lexical Research would like to hear about any sharable linguistics software or resources. Contact Katherine A. Mitchell (, (505) 646-5466, for the submission form. Users may FTP file catalog (ASCII) or from [, 1/18/94. David Joslin.]

John Lawler is circulating a directory tree and table of contents for the UMichigan Linguistics Archive, He has quite a few fonts, list archives, and NLP programs for DOS and Mac. No Unix programs yet. [, LINGUIST, 11/30/93.]

UEssex is producing guidelines and tools for NLP test suites. Initial projects cover grammar checkers, parsers, and controlled language checkers for English, French, and German. Results will become public-domain. Contributions of test suites or expertise are solicited. Lorna Balkan (, +44 206 872091, +44 206 872085 Fax. [ELSNET, 1/13/94.]

Grady Ward's Moby Words product includes 600K words and phrases, plus lists of names and places, Scrabble words, two lists of frequent words, and the 70K words most commonly found in dictionaries. One list of 160K phrases can be used to flag cliches or to verify that you are using idioms correctly. Ward also markets products for hyphenation, part-of-speech marking, pronunciation, and synonyms. For samples, FTP files from /pub/grady on Finger for more information, or call/fax (707) 826-7715. [, 12/18/93.]