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ANSI Committee X3 has announced a public review and comment period on X3.226-199x, Programming Language Common Lisp. The 1500-page proposed standard may be purchased for $80 ($104 international) from Global Engineering Documents, Inc., 2805 McGaw Ave., Irvine, CA 92714; (800) 854-7179, (714) 261-1455. (An online copy _might_ be available later.) Comments should be submitted on paper by 4/5/94, but an email copy would also be appreciated. Lynn Barra (, 202-626- 5738), 1250 I Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20005-3922, with a copy to ANSI, Attn.: BSR Center, 11 West 42nd St. 13th Floor, New York, NY 10036. [Guy Steele ( Barry Margolin (, 1/25/94. Gheorghe Chita.]

Online files for the dpANS second Public Review of Common Lisp, draft 14.10 (X3J13/93-102), are in /pub/cl/dpANS2/* on ( Read /pub/cl/dpANS2 /Reviewer-Notes.text before transferring the other files. Comments to Kent Pitman ( [Barry Margolin (, 2/1/94. Gheorghe Chita.]

Engineers in Beijing have developed a workstation logic coprocessor board that can run Prolog and Common Lisp programs at 500 KLIPS (thousand logical inferences per second). ICOT's 1988 PSI-II ran 400 KLIPS; its 1991 PSI-III runs 1,400 KLIPS. However, a Sparc-10 can do 1,000 KLIPS at half the cost using SICSTUS-Prolog, and can support 2,000 KLIPS with ICOT's new "KLIC" KL1 environment. Advances in commodity chips and compilers are outpacing special-purpose hardware developments. [PR China. David K. Kahaner (, 1/24/94. Steve Goldstein.]

For insight into how the Connection Machine operates, try the CM5 *Lisp tutorial in /ARP/papers/starlisp on (You will need Andrew ez or exprint to print it.) Very interactive, suitable for a 2-day *Lisp course. [Zdzislaw Meglicki (, comp.lang.lisp, 1/23/94.]