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All of France now has USENET and Internet mail access via 3617 EMAIL on the Minitel, $3.50/month. ISDN is also universal. [Erik Thomas Mueller (, comp.dcom.telecom, 1/9/94. Chris Matheus.]

Sprint is terminating PC Pursuit, a cheap way to connect to BBSs across the US. Ordinary long distance at 14,400 bps is now becoming more economical. [Robert P. King (, CARR-L, 1/22/94.]

AT&T will offer PersonaLink Services this summer, including electronic mailboxes, access to activities and "eShop" merchants, and information collection or routing via General Magic's Telescript agents. Motorola, Sony, and EO (?) will offer Telescript-based personal communicators. Mead Data Central is providing a daily news service. [Nigel Ballard (, comp.sys.pen, 1/8/94. Bill Park.]

Enterprise Integration Technologies (EIT), the recent $8M CommerceNet TRP winner, has updated its WWW server. You can get company information, MBONE and MPEG technical specs, WWW literature, Mosaic and other software, Zoomer PDA resources, etc. Also a WAIS to HTML gateway that lets you view the server contents in different ways. Connect to "Entering the World-Wide Web: A Guide to Cyberspace" (10/93) is available in HTML and PostScript form at Questions to or [Kevin Hughes (, comp.infosystems.www, 1/17/94. net-hap.]

Project Gutenberg texts are now available on WWW via For info, contact Evan Mair ( "WWW represents the seamless integration of FTP, Gopher, WAIS, and other network services. Full color graphics and sound can accompany text, files, and interactive services!" The Lynx text-based Unix/VAX browser can be FTP'd from pub/lynx on (To open a resource, type g and then the URL.) The Mosaic graphical browser for most platforms is in /Web on You can also try WWW browsers by telnetting to or to (login www). [Michael S. Hart (, GUTNBERG, 1/17/94. net-hap]

BlackNet is a new brokerage for trade secrets, product plans, process technology, insider information, and other confidential (or illegal) information sales. Messages in either direction are to be encrypted with PGP and mailed to public lists (alt.extropians,, or Cypherpunks) via a chain of anonymous remailers. You can offer to sell information for cash, electronic bank transfers, or "CryptoCredits" toward the purchase of other information. Public key: BlackNet. [,, 1/22/94. Rich Lethin.] (I'm not advocating this; just reporting it.)