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John Labovitz is maintaining a comprehensive list of electronic zines. FTP it as e-zine-list or e-zine-list.html from /pub/johnl/zines on, or gopher to or, or use WWW for file:// Comments to [ZINES-L and prog-pubs, 1/31/94. Elliott Parker, CARR-L.]

Interactive Publishing Alert is a new monthly online newsletter about electronic publishing. One article analyses the choice of a dedicated BBS vs. a forum on a major online service. $149/year or $15/copy from Rosalind Resnick (, (305) 920-5326. [CARR-L, 2/1/94.]

CD-ROM Updater is a free e-magazine reviewing CD ROM technology. 30-40 articles per issue, 130KB (from 600KB of source material and 2GB on CD ROM). Send a "Subscribe Cd-Rom Updater " message to Aaron Quigley ( [net-hap, 2/1/94.]

MNS Reviews is a free online Mac publication, monthly and soon to be more frequent. Back issues are archived as info-mac/per/mns-review.hqx and on future info-mac CDROMs. >From MUG News Service (MNS), which reaches 350K Mac user group members. Don Rittner ( [Timothy J. Greear (, info-mac, 1/25/94. Bill Park.]

MIKinations is an illustrated online Macintosh magazine from Australia. FTP mikinations-94-01.hqx (156KB) from /info-mac/per on [Michael Bradshaw ( Bill Park, 1/20/94.]

Information Technology and Disabilities (ITD) is a new refereed e-journal. Send a "subscribe ITD-JNL your name" message to, or request itd-toc for a list of individual articles. Author guidelines are available with "get author guidelin". Archives are on the St. John's University (New York) gopher. Tom McNulty ( [Norman Coombs. James Powell (jpowell@vtvm1.bitnet), VPIEJ-L, 1/19/94.]

Deaf Magazine is a new weekly. Send a "sub deaf your name" message to [Nathan Prugh (deaf-admin, NEW-LIST, 1/27/94. net-hap.]

The Electronic J. of Differential Equations (EJDE) is new. For abstract announcements, write to To get full TeX or PostScript articles, telnet to and log in as ejde, or to with login and password e-math (Mathematical Publications/ Other Mathematical Publications). Or you can gopher to, or FTP there (login ftp) and connect to the pub directory. Comments to [Julio G. Dix (, VPIEJ-L, 1/31/94.]

The Connection Science journal has moved to Sheffield University. Send submissions to Julie Clarke (, or volunteer as a reviewer. [Noel Sharkey (, connectionists, 1/18/94.]

NanoNews is a new bimonthly covering nanotechnology, materials, and fullerenes. 20-24 pp. $66 or $81 overseas from Superconductivity Publications, Inc. (Somerset, NJ),, (908) 846-2002, (908) 846-2050 Fax. Sample issue on request. [sci.nanotech, 1/18/94. David Joslin.]

infoCycle is a fax/email newsletter for technology managers. News and essays, short but interesting. Free over Internet from Jason Smith (, (416) 487-7202 voice/fax. [net-hap, 1/27/94.]

The peer-reviewed Journal of East-West Business has published its second issue. $28-$32/year. For a copy of V1 N1, contact Chris Miner, The Haworth Press Inc. (Binghamton), (717) 459 5933, (717) 459 5934 Fax. [Stanley Paliwoda (, E-Europe, 12/23. Steve Goldstein.]

The Electronic Journal of Strategic Information Systems (SIS- EJOURNAL) is a moderated redistribution. Every five messages is considered one issue; every year is a volume. Send a "JOIN SIS-EJOURNAL your name" message to or contact ISSN 0960-7977. [Rob McGeachin (, NewJour-L, 1/18/94.]

The Quote Of The Day mailing list brings you one quotation every morning. Request subscriptions from Terry Labach ( [, 2/1/94.]