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The Chicago J. of Theoretical Computer Scientist will not be restricted to 15 articles the first year. Payment will be on an honor system, with no access controls on the FTP archives. No income is planned from back issues, offprints, list rental, or advertising. Marketing expense will be substantial, although only half that for a typical journal launch. Other costs are for formatting-macro development, text clean-up, and copy editing. Break-even is planned for the third year, with 350 institutional subscribers and 250 individuals. MIT Press is trying to build a sound commercial basis for scholarly electronic publishing, in the belief that current institutional support for e-publishing will prove unreliable. [Janet Fisher (fisher@mitmva.bitnet), VPIEJ-L, 1/26/94.]

Brock N. Meeks ( reports that the International Internet Association (IIA) is sponsored by IDT, a NJ call-back outfit that sells US dialtone (via an 800 number) to people in other countries who would rather pay US phone rates than their own. (Several countries are not happy about this.) IIA Executive Director Max Robbins ( is "a young, idealistic do-gooder, sincere in trying to give anyone on the planet free Internet access." He and other IIA staff draw pay from IDT as well as from donations, and Meeks wonders about their claimed 501(c)3 charity status. Only local calls from DC are really free (which, to be fair, is what they have said in their offers). 40,000 people have applied, and 16,000 now have accounts. IDT's revenue could be many $M/month. [com-priv, 1/26/94. CARR-L, 1/28/94.]

Re multimedia email (V4 N4): JPEG images are usually much smaller than equivalent GIF files. ( JPEG on the net is usually larger, the image content is also greater.) Also, one would ZIP a file before uuencoding it for ASCII transmission, not after. The GNU gzip program, or MacGzip for the Mac, typically generates much smaller files than other compressors. [Michael Travers (, 1/27/94.]

You can read the New Yorker's Bill Gates interview on gopher:// 20Issue/011094.1. [Chris J. Matheus (, 2/1/94.]

$4.4M for SETI was contributed by David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Paul Allen, Gordon Moore, and perhaps others. This will pay 70 staffers for a year. Listening will begin in Australia and Puerto Rico. [CW, 1/17/94. John Krieger (]