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NOAA is accepting applications for its 1994 Postdoctoral Program in Climate and Global Change. You must specify, by 3/1/94, your research area and goals for a visiting research appointment of up to 2 years. Scientists interested in being hosts should also notify Meg Austin, Program Manager, UCAR Office of Programs, P.O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307. Queries to Barb Appelhans (, (303) 497-8649. [m.j.o, 1/28/94.] (It's best to line up your NOAA collaborator in advance, but the selection committee will do its best to find good matches.)

UColorado (Boulder) has summer HCI jobs for several undergraduate or MS students with Mac Common Lisp experience. Topics include learning, critiquing, visual programming, simulation, agents, etc. AI training helpful. US residents. Alex Repenning (, (303) 492-1218. [info-mac, 2/2/94. Gheorghe Chita.]

North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC) has a senior faculty opening in AI or software engineering. Rodney Harrigan (, (910) 334-7245, (910) 334-7244 Fax. [, m.j.o, 1/29/94.]

HNC, Inc. (San Diego) needs an MS/PhD Senior Consulting Scientist to analyze client modeling problems and to lead NN and pattern recognition projects. Very strong mathematical and verbal skills required. Position #403. Also sought are highly mathematical econometricians and OR modelers to build statistical models for financial applications. #401. Ms. Laural Jones (, (619) 546-8877, (619) 452-6524 Fax. [Anu Pathria (, m.j.o, 1/30/94.]

Communication Intelligence Corporation (Redwood Shores, CA) needs an experienced PhD-level US pattern-recognition project leader for proprietary handwriting research. Unix and OCR/speech/statistical linguistics experience helpful. John S. Ostrem (, (415) 802-7777 Fax. Experienced US BS/MS software engineers and computational linguists (esp. German) may apply to [, m.j.o, 2/1/94.]

HP Labs needs a PhD in image processing for video enhancement, restoration, and compression. Hewlett-Packard Company, Employment Response Center, Attention: #0325, 3000 Hanover Street, MS: 20APP, Palo Alto, CA 94304-8473. [Alexander Drukarev (drukarev, m.j.o, 1/26/94.]

Amherst Systems Inc. (Buffalo, NY) needs an experienced MS/PhD for foveal-vision R&D in robotics and air-to-ground target recognition. US citizenship desired but not mandatory. Bill Rickard ( [Caesar Bandera (, m.j.o, 1/31/94.]

EEG Systems Laboratory needs an assistant research scientist to help analyze the spatiotemporal dynamics of human brain electrical fields. Involves human neurophysiology, functional neuroanatomy, bioelectric modeling and inverse problems, DSP, FEM, C programming, and image processing. 51 Federal St, San Francisco, CA 94107; [Alan S. Gevins (, Neuron Digest, 1/30/94.]

Major financial organizations in Chicago are offering up to $90K + bonus for a quantitative statistical analyst or numerical analyst with options/futures experience, $150K + bonus for someone experienced in trading and systems. Roy Talman, (312) 630-0130, (312) 630-0135 Fax. [Ilya Talman (, m.j.o, 1/27/94.]

The American Education Corp. (Oklahoma City) needs a Mac applications developer for educational software. Tom Shively, (405) 840-6031. [Kurt Christensen (, 1/27/94.]

UBundeswehr Munchen (Neubiberg) needs a Bayesian-net expert. Winfried Kinzel (, (089) 6004-3581, (089) 6004-2082 Fax. [, 1/25/94. David Joslin.]

Monash University (Clayton, Victoria) needs a postdoc research associate to develop computational models of Bayesian inductive learning agents. Common Lisp, CLOS, C, C++. Must already have permanent residency in Australia. Apply by 3/4/94 to Chris Wallace (, +61 3 905 5197, +61 3 905 5146 Fax. [Kevin Korb (, 2/1/94.]

Edinburgh's Human Communication Research Centre, Language Technology Group, needs an NLP researcher in grammar and style checking to support technical writers. Lisp or C. 2-year project. Apply by 2/24/94 to, +44 31 650 4587 Fax. [shona@ed.cogsci, ELSNET, 2/2/94.]