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Friends and Partners is a new WWW "meeting place" for Russian-American contacts. Not much content yet, but "scientists should be able to find information about funding opportunities and exchange programs, access databases and library resources, and locate potential colleagues and co-workers.", or telnet to (login "friends") for VT100 access via a Lynx browser. A mirror near Moscow (soon) may be "the first information system of its kind in Russia." Extension to more of the FSU is planned. For announcements, send a "SUBSCRIBE FRIENDS your name" message to [Natalia Bulashova ( and Greg Cole (, alt.gopher, 1/19/94. net-hap.]

The Computing Research Association (CRA) now has an FTP archive on, and you can get faculty job announcements with a "subscribe jobs your name" message to The CRA Bulletin is also freely available on the cra_b list. Other moderated distributions are by permission only: forsythe for PhD department chairs; undergrad for other department chairs; industrial for industrial researchers; and cra_members, academic_members, and industrial_members for CRA members. Send questions to Mailing labels or addresses of the CRA/Forsythe membership are free to members or $25 to others. Phil Louis (, (202) 234-2111, (202) 667-1066 Fax. [CRN, 1/94.]

The Financial Economics Network has signed up 1,800 subscribers, with another 100 each week. 18 newsgroups are operating and 3 are planned. AFA-S-IV is for small investors, AFA-SBUS for small-business finance, AFA-ECMT for econometrics and finance, AFA-MATH for mathematical finance, AFA-INS for insurance, etc. Wayne Marr (, (803) 656-0796, (803) 653-5516 Fax. [net-hap, 1/27/94.] (The people on these lists may be the ones for whom information really is power/wealth -- i.e., customers for advanced AI research.)

6901-conference is a moderated discussion of MIT technology start-ups, inventions, and patents. Contact or [e-club, 1/26/94. Bill Park.]

EdPOL-D (Education Policy Digest) is a new moderated discussion list from Scholastic Inc. for discussion of federal, state, and local education policy. Send a "subscribe edpol-d your name" message to [Shirley Hanein (, EDAD-L, 1/3/94. net-hap.]

SIS is a discussion list about strategic information systems: EIS, ESS, BIS, MIS, OIS, SISP, etc. Send your name, net address, affiliation, and research interests to [Rob McGeachin (, NewJour-L, 1/18/94.]

SIFTER, or Studies in Information Filtering Technology for Electronic Resources, supports information-filtering R&D for the Internet and for for multimedia libraries. Tools of interest include NN, GA, and NLP. Warren T. Jones (, UAB Research Group in Information Filtering within Digital Libraries, (205) 934-2213, (205) 934-5473 Fax. [Neuron Digest, 1/26/94.]

FL-LIST covers forensic linguistics, including court translating, courtroom discourse, and linguistic evidence in court. Contact [Sue Blackwell (, LINGUIST, 1/26/94.]

BioMOO is growing as a place where bioscientists can communicate in real time. Telnet to 8888. Problems to Discussions include evolutionary biology. [Martin Leach (, bionet.neuroscience. Bill Park, 2/1/94.]

A discussion of Stuart Kauffman's book, "The Origins of Order," has started up in [Una Smith (,, 1/25/94. David Joslin.]