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TurboGopher 1.0.8b4 for the Mac is available, including localizations in Finnish, French, Japanese, Spanish, and (soon) Chinese. FTP TurboGopher1.0.8b4.hqx from pub/gopher/Macintosh- TurboGopher on, or gopher to (Information about Gopher/ Gopher Software). [Dave Johnson (, net-hap, 1/27/94.]

Archie servers that index FTPable resources will soon be able to index gopher contents as well. Contact gopher-index- if you have a gopher server that could be indexed. [Alan Emtage (, PACS-L, 1/20/94.]

UMSLIP is UMinnesota's free PC SLIP package for full Internet connectivity. FTP or gopher it from Also look for MINUET (in beta test), which combines email, netnews, telnet, ftp, gopher, finger, nslookup and other utilities in a GUI package for DOS. The FTP interface is great, email requires a popmail account, and the newsreader is still a bit weak if you don't have an ethernet connection. [Steve Yelvington (, CARR-L, 1/24/94.]

Nova-Links is a network navigator for WWW clients. It includes software libraries, tutorials, an employment section, a fun page, and more. Connect to Rob Kabacoff ( [Fabio Metitieri (, NEWNIR-L, 1/25/94. net-hap.]

Daniel Dern recently listed some of his favorite networking software. Good mail programs include Pine, Eudora, and zmail, and Usenet news reading works well with trn, nn, or tin. For a scrollable Unix shell, try bash, tcsh, or korn. Mike Gleason's NcFTP is an amazing interface for file retrieval and browsing, with command-line scrolling as well as completion, memory, and caching. [, CARR-L, 1/16/94.]

Windows and Mac users may want EUDORA, a full-featured POP mail client. Version 2.0 is a commercial product from Qualcomm. Version 1.4 is shareware. For the PC version, FTP eudora14.exe from /pceudora/windows on [Harry M. Kriz (, PACS-L, 1/24/94.] (Ask Kriz for his file on other TCP/IP software for Windows.)