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Prediction Company (Santa Fe, NM) is a start-up using nonlinear forecasting for financial trading applications. Chaos researchers Doyne Farmer and Norman Packard are the founders. A senior computer scientist is needed to lead the Unix/C-based programming staff of physical scientists and mathematicians. Laura Barela ( [Norman Packard (, connectionists, 8/12. Also m.j.o, Bill Park.]

Stanford's Concurrent Product and Process Design Project needs a postdoc to lead research on the SHARE agent-based distributed concurrent engineering environment. Requires experience in AI, engineering design, modeling, planning, KR, and system integration. Mark R. Cutkosky (, (415) 723-4287. [Les Gasser (, DAI-List, 8/13.]

CompuServe, Inc. (Cambridge, MA) needs a German-speaking project leader to evaluate, license, and adapt a machine translation system for draft-quality applications. (French would be a plus.) Must be a hands-on self-starter able to build and manage a small group. Cole Harrison (, (617) 661-9440. [, m.j.o, 8/12. Bill Park.]

Sterling Software is seeking a U.S. AI developer, wargame/simulation specialist, and other programmers for work in Bellevue, NB, and Fort Leavenworth, KS. Nina Moehring ( [Steve Scheuber (, m.j.o, 8/12.]

Inference Corp. (El Segundo, CA) needs experienced BS/MS KBS engineers for its consulting practice. C/C++ and ART, ART-IM, CLIPS, ECLIPSE, or OPS. David Subar ( [m.j.o, 8/11.]

An MS/MBA principle software engineer is needed to lead AI research in reusable software and OPS5 knowledge-acquisition tools for the Easy Programming Project. $79,664. Job Order #21071, P.O. Box 8968, Boston, MA 02144. [CW, 8/17.]

Picker St. Davids (St. Davids, PA), formerly Dynamic Digital Displays, needs an MS/PhD programmer to develop C software for its Voxel Q volumetric imaging workstation. Dave Sebok ( [m.j.o, 8/17.]

Providence University (Taiwan) has 5 CS faculty openings in computer graphics, image processing, DB, simulation and MIS. Ting-Yu Chan ( [m.j.o, 8/12.]

USouthampton (UK) needs two CS lecturers for 1/93. Topics include declarative systems, image and media, and concurrent computation. Peter Henderson (+44 703 593440) or Tony Hey (+44 703 592069). [Dave DeRoure (, m.j.o, 8/12.]

UC Riverside needs an EE professor in sensors, image processing, intelligent control, real-time architectures, or visualization. Apply by 10/1. [Brian Saylor (, m.j.o, 8/12.]

Lund Institute of Technology, Lund University (Sweden), is offering a chair in CS. Current faculty are in algorithm theory, programming environments, AI, and distributed systems. Rolf Johannesson, +46 46 107517, +46 46 104714 Fax. Apply for position #6195 by 9/9. [Rolf Karlsson (, m.j.o, 8/14.]

CEMAX (Fremont, CA) is looking for a Unix/C software research engineer in medical image analysis. Requires 2 years in medical imaging and 2 year in AI, PR, CV, or robotics. Arturo Gamboa- Aldeco (, (510) 770-8612 x340. [Eric De Mund (, m.j.o, 8/15.]

Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), Advanced Technology Group of Academic Computing and Network Services, is looking for someone with Mac experience to evaluate and integrate new technologies for research and instruction -- including multimedia, visualization, communications and distributed computing, AI, DB, and information services. Unix and IBM PC experience desirable. Gary Greenberg ( [m.j.o, 8/15.]

Sydney University (Australia), CS Knowledge Systems Group (KSG), needs a PhD research fellow in interactive systems modeling using logic and belief revision. Norman Foo ( [Michael Wise (, m.j.o, 8/12.]

The University of Westminster, AI Div., needs a PhD-level lecturer in AI, KBS, ML, NLP, HCI, or Computer Vision topics. Contact Vassilis Konstantinou ( by 8/30. [, 8/14.]

UOttawa/CS and Carleton U./School of Business have a postdoc opening in "Automation and Support of Decisions with Strategic Interactions." $27,500. Stan Szpakowicz (, (613) 564-2450. [, 8/15.]

UEdinburgh has a research fellowship open in formal approaches to system design. M.P. Fourman ( [Monika Lekuse (, m.j.o, 8/17.]