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The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense has restored $821M of the $900M House cut in university research. (The final budget will likely be a compromise.) Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-HI) received more letters about the cut than any other item in the $243B defense budget. However, AP reports that ranking minority member Ted Stevens (R-AK) said it is "ludicrous and arrogant" for universities to feel they are entitled to Pentagon money every year. [Juan Osuna (, CRA Bulletin, 7/28/94.]

NSF will hold a Midwest Regional Grants Seminar at Northwestern University on October 27-28, 1994, to describe programs, policies, proposal requirements, etc. Nominal charge; limit 300; preference to Midwest Region institutions. Fax name, title, affiliation, and address to (708) 491-4800 or write to NSF Regional Seminar, c/o Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, Northwestern University, 633 Clark Street, Room 2-502 Crown, Evanston, IL 60208-1110. Questions to, 703-306-1243. [grants, 8/1/94.]

The US Dept. of Energy is co-sponsoring 2-day National Innovation workshops for inventors in Duluth (9/9), Anchorage (9/23), Iowa City (10/28), Louisville (11/18), and elsewhere. Other national sponsors include NIST, VPI, Am. Intellectual Property Law Assoc., Assoc. of Small Business Development Centers, Licensing Executives Society, National Technology Transfer Center, and the United Inventors Association. Duluth sponsors include UMinnesota Center for Economic Development, Minnesota Inventors' Congress, Minnesota Technology, Inc., Minnesota Project Outreach, United Power Assoc., and several patent attorneys and related services. For more information, contact Dr. Norris Bell (, (703) 698-6007. [, devel-l, 7/12/94. e-club. Bill Park.] (If you can't attend, there are plenty of books and magazine articles on marketing your inventions. Try your library or the above sponsors.)

NIST has issued a broad-area announcement (BAA) soliciting $10K-$50K proposals on multiuser shared environments (MUSEs) as text-based user interfaces for distributed manufacturing. "The general problem is to present the relevant information, at the appropriate level of detail, to remote decision-makers at many levels in such a way as to allow them to interactively examine remote situations, and to cooperatively control the remote environment in real-time." Graphics and virtual reality techniques are also being studied, primarily for the control of equipment. Program contact is Dr. Ernest W. Kent, (301) 975-3460; contractual info from Diane Loeb, (301) 975-6399, NIST Acquisition and Assistance Div., Building 301, Room Bll7, Gaithersburg, MD 20899. [SOL/BAA 52SBNB4C8231, 6/13/94. Tim Finin.] (Proposals were due 7/29/94, but may be accepted through 6/9/95. Anyone know how I can get these BAAs earlier?)