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CMU (Pittsburgh) needs a BS/MS research programmer in distributed knowledge-based systems for agent-based learning and integration of Internet information sources. Object programming, frame-based representation, distributed problem solving. CLOS, TK/TCL, X, C, and HTML, possibly relational databases, GUI. Dr. Katia P. Sycara ( [Gilad Amiri (, m.j.o, 7/28/94.]

USC Information Sciences Institute (ISI; Marina del Rey, CA) needs a BS+ research programmer for distributed information systems: Prospero, Mosaic, WorldWideWeb, archie, WAIS, Gopher, etc. DIVIRS position; Jeanine Yamazaki (, (310) 822-1511. [Clifford Neuman (, m.j.o, 7/20/94.]

Bowie State University needs two CS assistant professors in CG, SE, AI, UI, OOP, parallel algorithms, or computer architecture. US resident. Chair, Faculty Search Committee, CS Dept., BSU, Bowie, MD 20715; (301) 464-7827 Fax. [Nagi T. Wakim (, m.j.o, 7/21/94.]

ANL's Reactor Analysis Division (Argonne, IL) is offering a graduate student research internship for a Unix/DOS C programmer experienced with SAS, MATLAB, DSP, or statistical analysis. Signal processing, pattern recognition, expert systems, etc., for reactor data analysis. $1750/month, starting immediately for up to 6 months. US citizenship required. Dr. Kenny C. Gross ( [m.j.o, 7/26/94.] (Generic queries should be sent to Human Resources Dept., Bldg 201, ANL, Argonne, IL 60439.)

Clients in DC, Atlanta, and the Northeast need 6 BA/MS knowledge-based software engineers for Unix/PC expert systems development using object-oriented shells. Peter (, Rod Asher & Associates, 818-905-9895 Fax. [Rod Asher (, m.j.o, 7/1/94.]

The Institute for the Study of Securities Markets (ISSM) at UMemphis needs an MS PhD candidate in Finance to work on Unix/C/Fortran code for financial data distribution. $20K plus tuition. or Dr. Robert A. Wood, 901-678-4078 Fax. [Rodney L. Weaver (, m.j.o, 7/29/94.] (Essentially a sysadmin position, but with interesting career possibilities.)

IBM Research (Yorktown Heights, NY), NLI Project, needs a C++ programmer for spoken-English parsing and other CL tasks. David E. Johnson (, 914-945-1036. [Fred J. Damerau (, LINGUIST, 7/29/94.]

Graduate School of Public Health (Pittsburgh), Dept. of Human Genetics, has an immediate need for an MS Pascal/C/Fortran programmer for computation of tree-structured human genetic pedigree likelihoods. Should know parallel programming, genetics, statistics, and mathematics. Daniel E. Weeks (, (412) 624-5388, (412) 624-3020 Fax. [ #4193, 8/1/94. Georg Fuellen.] (He won't respond unless you send exactly the cover letter and references he requests. Always ask for a full announcement before applying.)

Proactive Solutions (Tulsa) needs Allegro/CLOS/Windows Lisp developers for business project planning tools. Don Mitchell (, 918.492.5193 Fax. [lisp-jobs, 8/1/94.]

City University (London), Dept. of CS, is offering a PhD studentship in computational logic for programming systems. Dr. David Gilbert (, +44-71-477-8444, +44-71-477-8587 Fax. [m.j.o, 7/29/94.]

UEast Anglia is offering a 1/95 postgraduate studentship in speaker characterization/adaptation for automatic speech recognition. Stephen Cox ( [ELSNET, 7/26/94.]

The Speech Research Unit at the Defence Research Agency (Malvern) needs a C programmer to adapt speech-recognition technology to specific large-vocabulary applications. Apply by 8/14/94 to Wendy Holmes (, 0684-894104, 0684-895103 Fax. R&D personnel may also be needed. [Keith M. Ponting (, ELSNET, 7/21/94. Joseph Raben.]

University College Dublin, CS Dept., is offering a 2-year ESPRIT research position in connectionist and symbolic knowledge representation for construction of expert systems. Honours degree in computer science or related discipline. Apply by 8/19/94 to Dr. Ronan Reilly (, +353-1-706 2475, +353-1-269 7262 Fax. [connectionists, 7/22/94.]

UGlasgow/CS needs a postdoc RA to study a new lambda notation and generalized type system for type theory, reduction, theorem proving, and comparison of logical and functional programming. Fairouz Kamareddine ( or [sci.research.postdoc, 8/2/94.]

UDundee's MicroCentre (Scotland) needs a 20-month postdoc to develop interactive segment-retrieval techniques for synthesis of conversational speech. Marianne Hickey ( [, m.j.o, 7/22/94.]

UEdinburgh needs a 2-year lecturer in speech and language processing. Apply by 8/21/94 to Mr. Stephen Isard (, (031) 650 3961. [LINGUIST, 7/29/94.]

UKarlsruhe (Germany), Institut AIFB, has a new research position in knowledge-based systems in support of teaching and institute affairs. Apply by 8/10/94 to Prof. Dr. R. Studer. For information, contact Dr. D. Fensel (fensel, 49-721-6084754, 49-721-693717 Fax. [Norbert Glaser (, sci.research.postdoc, 8/1/94.]

Massey University (NZ) needs a postdoc in intelligent/robust control, fuzzy logic controllers, control theory for job shop sequencing, scheduling, simulation, or other manufacturing topics. Simon Hurley (, +64-6 350 4096, +64-6 350 5604 Fax. [Laurence Brooks (, m.j.o, 7/22/94.]

ICL Airline Systems needs AI/OR specialists for resource scheduling using AI modeling, constraints, CLP, planning, scheduling, search, and OR. Unix/C/C++. Projects may be at customer sites around the world. Steve Rae (, ICL Airline Systems, 21st Floor Sun Hung Kai Centre, 30 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong; (852) 586 2955 Fax. [Benjamin PunTak Li (, m.j.o, 7/27/94.]