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The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), aka the High Resolution Microwave Survey, can return to its original name. Congress balked at the $12M operating costs (after 20 years and $70M in development costs), but anonymous donors have saved the project. [Robert L. Park (, WHAT'S NEW, 1/14/94.]

NSF has published "Survey of R&D in Japan -- 1993," file/document INT93-008 (19KB). "Proposed S&T Budget for Japan FY 1994" is INT94-001. FTP from [grants, 1/16/94.]

Brazil's National Research Network -- Rede Nacional de Pesquisa (RNP) -- has a new WWW server,, with links to most other information servers in Brazil. Check for RNP project descriptions. [Alexandre Saggese Pinto (, net-hap, 1/18/94.]

NASA Research Announcement NRA-94-MTPE-02 is soliciting innovative information system technology proposals for NASA's Earth Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS). Funding of $3M-$5M may cover 10 2-year projects at $300K-$800K/year each (starting 1/1/94), but smaller projects will be considered. All domestic and foreign organizations are eligible; apply by 3/4/94. NRA documents in ASCII or Word format may be FTP'd in binary mode from pub/nra/94-mtpe-02 on (Illustrations and tables are in encapsulated PostScript.) The files are also on [Yelena Yesha (, 1/15/94.]

NIST is looking for industrial and academic partners to join a "virtual library" research consortium. Emphasis will be on retrieval of charts, illustrations, and maps. Adobe Systems Inc. will be a member. Contact Lawrence A. Welsch (welsch by 3/7/94. (301) 975-3345, (301) 926-3696 Fax. [NIST UPDATE, 1/18/94.]

NSF is seeking panelists for the NSF/ARPA/NASA Digital Libraries Initiative. (Copies may be obtained from No one from a submitting company, agency, or university department may apply. Panels will meet 4/6/94 and 4/7/94 in the DC area. (Cherry blossom time, with luck.) Travel costs and per diem by the usual [absurdly slow] government standard procedure. Volunteers should send a 1-page (max) vitae with areas of expertise to and to Laurence Rosenberg ( by 2/4/94. [dbworld, 1/26/94.]

NSF has $55 million this year for research instrumentation, with proposals due 3/15/94. The minimum request is $40K in cognitive and social sciences, $100K in the hard sciences. Institutions may submit two requests, but individual researchers in the soft sciences may also submit directly to NSF. Request NSF 93-172, "Academic Research Infrastructure Program: Instrumentation Development and Acquisition Solicitation," from, or FTP it from Questions to [Paul Chapin (, LINGUIST, 1/20/94.]