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Internet traffic nearly ground to a halt on 7/19/94 as people downloaded pictures of the comet hitting Jupiter. [Information Week, 8/1/94, p. 8. EDUPAGE.]

MIT and CERN are forming an alliance with US and European companies to develop international WWW standards. [WSJ, 7/8/94, B3. EDUPAGE.]

Stanford is selling BARRNet to BBN (Cambridge, MA), to be merged with NEARNET. BBN is better able to provide commercial- quality service upgrades and consulting/training support. BARRNet serves the CommerceNet project and many companies in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. [Rebecca Wetzel (, com-priv, 6/22/94. net-hap.] (IBM has just joined CommerceNet. [SJM, 8/2/94, D2.])

NMTC will be a 9/94 workshop on entrepreneurial uses of "new media" technologies: desktop publishing, video editing, multimedia presentations, interactive media, BBS services, etc. The focus is on actually using this stuff to make money. For details, send an "NMTC '94" subject line and your name in the message body to [Evan C. Williams (, VPIEJ-L, 7/28/94.]

38% of all publicly traded companies with sales above $400M have some form of Internet presence. The figure is 46% for the 490 companies above $1.5B. [InterNet Info (top_2000 Mike Walsh (, net-hap, 7/31/94.] (The companies not yet on the net form an immense market for telecommunications services. Those just barely on the net may be even easier to work for.)

The USPTO has suspended action on all applications for trademarks using the word Internet. Banks registered the term (or Inter-Net) for their ATM networks in 1975 and 1990, blocking applications from others. [Jayne Levin (, The Internet Letter, 7/5/94. net-hap.]

Joyce Kennedy is seeking case histories about Internet use in job hunting. Contact, 619-431-1669 Fax. [m.j.o, 7/17/94.]