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Raj Reddy has been appointed dean of CMU's School of Computer Science. [The Institute, 11/92.]

John Young has retired from HP. Lewis Platt will take over as president. EVP and COO Dean Morton is also retiring. [Lee Gomes, SJM, 10/31.]

Microsoft is selling its new Access database software for $99 through 1/31, then $695. The company wants market share before Borland releases a Windows version of Paradox. [WSJ, 10/29. Tim Finin.]

Computerworld (11/9) reports that development of the 572K-line Quattro Pro for Windows code took 31 months, 265M keystrokes, and 39K caffeinated beverages. The team (10+?) totaled just 5 weeks of vacation per year.

Apple has released System 7.1, offering a system font folder and QuickTime 1.5. MacWarehouse has the upgrade kit for $79, but it might be available free from your dealer or user group. (When Apple put System 7.0 on, people tried to make 18,000 FTP connections on the first day. 2K were successful, pumping 1MB/second from the host. [Erik E. Fair (, com-priv, 11/8.] IBM had a similar experience with its OS/2 2.01 "corrective service pack." Fortunately, other FTP sites picked up the 21MB distribution -- 10 sites within 24 hours, and worldwide distribution in another 24. [Greg Kushmerek (, ibid.])

Corptech surveyed 57 firms in the public utilities software market. They found 687 jobs added in the past year, mainly in the Eastern Great Lakes and Southeast regions. Employment declined 20% in New York City. [CW, 11/9.]

Harvey P. Newquist III lists some expert-system companies trying to make it in niche markets. AIQ Systems (Incline Village, NV) sells OptionExpert ($1,588 for PCs) for equity option trading, as well as StockExpert, MarketExpert, and IndexExpert. Mendelsohn Enterprises (Zephyrhills, FL) sells VantagePoint ($1,950), a neural-network system for T-bond trading (and soon other markets). Ultravision (Tempe, AZ) sells Dow-Cast ($200) to forecast stock market indexes. D&B software (Atlanta) sells the Amaps Finite Scheduling System ($100K-$300K) for materials- requirement planning. Stone & Webster (Boston) have the Recovery Boiler Advisor for pulp and paper industries. Camdat (Pittsburgh) has commercialized Caduceus/QMR for diagnosing 600 diseases from 4,300 symptoms. Pixel Perfect (Florida) has automated the Physician's Desk Reference. Apache Medical Systems markets APACHE III ($350K) for critical-care health evaluation. Malibu Artifactual Intelligence Works (Malibu, CA) sells Overcoming Depression ($199) for natural-language self-diagnosis and treatment. Molecular Design (San Leandro, CA) sells ISIS/Draw ($495), a drawing package that places chemical bonds automatically. International Digital Scientific (Valencia, CA) offers RMS Expert ($600-$8,200) for optimizing DEC database cache control. Isicad (Anaheim, CA) markets a Command 5000 Physical Network Management system to configure networks. [AI Expert, 10/92.]