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The Robotics and AI Database (RAID) is a DOD-sponsored archive of abstracts, available to government contractors. It includes information on more than 2,000 projects since 1980. One use is to search for funding organizations and official points of contact -- more than 3,000 are listed. RAID also has a conference listing and calendar. Contact Barbara Radziz (, (315) 734-3696. [Chris Lowe, Knowledgebase, 3/92.]

Dow Jones News/Retrieval is now available via internet. (800) 522-3567 x134. Commercial users must still go through JvNCnet (, (800) 35-TIGER. [Allison Pihl (, com-priv, 9/4.]

PC World Online is an America Online BBS from PC World magazine. First month free, then $7.95/month and $.10/minute after two hours. Access shareware, articles, reviews. (800) 827-6364 x5741 for a starter kit.

The Westlaw online service carries nearly 4,000 legal databases. West Publishing Co. has just added CCH's Standard Federal Tax Reporter. [Saint Paul Pioneer Press, 8/19. agentsee.]

Nynex Information Technologies is offering the first electronic Yellow Pages service via modem. Coverage includes 1.7M businesses in NY, NH, ME, MA, RI, and VT; access costs $.61/minute. [Jeff Brown, Knight-Ridder, 2/20. agentsee.]

RadioMail Corp. (Menlo Park) -- formerly Anterior Technology -- now provides wireless two-way connectivity between portable computers and email services such as AT&T Mail, X.400, TCP/IP Internet, UUCP/Usenet, and Lotus cc:Mail. $149 activation plus $89 per month and $.29 per 50-word unit after the first 100 units. One-way RadioMail is available for $20/month. Contact Geoff Goodfellow ( or radiomail-, (415) 349-5683. [com-priv, 11/1. Tim Finin and Steve Goldstein.] RadioMail also offers the AgentSee news service (or wireless news wire.)

Whistler Products (MA) is offering a motorist's Travelmate "calculator" with directions to every motel, gas station, rest stop, campsite, family and fast-food restaurant, information center, hospital, and point of interest along all major highways in the U.S. -- 30,000 businesses at 13,000 exits. $60, with $20 updates available; (800) 531-0004. An improved Tripmate is planned, at $100. [Andy Pargh, Design News, 9/23/91.]

Microsoft is promoting Cinemania, a $79.95 Windows program for browsing or searching movie reviews, biographies, still photos, and classic sound bytes. (800) 426-9400. [WSJ, 8/4. Tim Finin.] Microsoft expects to introduce 600 new products in FY'93, accounting for 35%-40% of revenues. [Jim Mallory, Newsbytes. CC, 8/11.]

PRODIGY is offering a new travel-booking service, Book-A-Trip. You fill in what you want and a Rosenbluth travel agent emails you a proposed itinerary in a couple of hours. Tickets can be delivered overnight. PRODIGY also offers EAASY SABRE reservations, Cruise Scan, a travel bulletin board, the Mobil Travel Guide, Zagat's restaurant reviews, annotated City Guides, weather forecasts, and advice from online travel columnists. (800) PRODIGY. [PR NewsWire, 8/26. agentsee.] Human agents -- the easy way to get an intelligent natural-language interface.

Prodigy is still losing money, despite $50M in advertising since 1990 and $1B invested since 1984. (CompuServe has been profitable since 1981.) Instead of depending on ad revenue, Prodigy will soon offer extra-charge services such as games, 9,600bps graphics, and software downloads. The service will also deal with fewer merchants, especially those selling known commodities such as magazine subscriptions, bed sheets, and CDs. [Evan I. Schwartz, BW, 9/14.]

Prodigy's most popular service has been email, with 65K messages and 80K bboard postings per day. It will now encourage off-line composition to reduce its long-distance charges. [Ibid.] America Online has also released an improved Mac interface with fast downloading of multiple files. (800) 827-6364. [CC, 8/11.] Many BBSs offer .QWK-format downloads that permit "interactive" mail reading while disconnected from the service. Replies are queued in .REP packets for uploading at the next opportunity. More than 50 .QWK mail readers are available, with the top five being QMail, SLMR/OLX, EZ-Reader, 1stReader, and WinQuick. [Boardwatch, 12/92.]

PROCMAIL is a message filter that screens Unix mail by message-body content. Documentation in WordPerfect or PostScript format can be FTP'd from /userdata/willis/filter.* on ELM FILTER, for the ELM mailer, screens by header content only. Either can help you sort mail into list-specific folders so that you can read coherent threads when convenient. They also let you screen out mail loops and subscribe/unsubscribe requests. [Glee Willis (, ARACHNET, 11/8.]

The FirstSearch Catalog and the EPIC service from OCLC can now access Social Sciences Index (SSI) and EventLine. SSI covers 350 English-language periodicals. EventLine tracks 120K international conferences, trade shows, symposia, workshops, and seminars mentioned in Elsevier's 1,000 publications. [PACS News. PACS-L, 11/5.] FirstSearch also includes Disclosure Corporate Snapshots, a database of financial information on publicly-owned American companies. (614) 761-5054. [PACS News, 8/26.]

CitaDel is a new article-citation and document-delivery service from the Research Libraries Group (RLG). Institutions pay a fixed annual fee to connect their campus-wide information servers to the CitaDel server. (Per-search pricing is also available.) Institutions may have a free 30-day trial. Document delivery by mail, fax, or internet can be arranged for full text from ABI/INFORM, Periodical Abstracts, Newspaper Abstracts, and Ei Page One. The RLIN Information Center (Mountain View, CA),, (800) 537-RLIN. [IRLIST, 9/8.]

DIALOG OnDisc Ei Page One carries citations from 4,000 engineering journals and proceedings, including CS and robotics. Each two-year CD is updated six times for $995/year. Full text can be ordered from Article Express International, Inc., online through DIALOG SourceOne, or from Engineering Information Inc. Dialog Information Services (Palo Alto), (800) 3-DIALOG. [PACS News, 8/26.]

The Indiana University Libraries have recently established a Library Electronic Text Resource Service (LETRS) for scholarly texts in the humanities. Current offerings include Bibles, the Quran and Hadith, other sacred texts, Greek literature to 500 AD, Shakespeare, Goethe, and famous American writers. Also available are the OED2 on CD, multilingual word processors, text analysis programs, and instructional programs such as the Perseus CD for the Mac. A campus-wide network is planned. [PACS News. PACS-L, 11/5.]

Stevan Harnad reports that the PSYCOLOQUY online psychological journal has about 2,500 readers on Bitnet and 17,500 on Usenet. It's supported by an annual APA grant, which Stevan considers more reasonable than charging each reader $.50 per year, or charging authors to publish. Another good arrangement is to permit electronic access for free, subsidized by disks and microfiche sales. [, VPIEJ-L, 11/9.] (The Usenet figure is for people who allow PSYCOLOQUY into their mail-reader menus; the number actually reading each issue could be much smaller.)