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Bill Park estimates that 50 companies were interviewing at Westech last week, versus about a dozen back in January.

GTE Labs (Waltham, MA), Knowledge-Based Systems Dept., needs an MS Unix/C software developer for an expert system for fault isolation in telecommunication circuits. May require frequent travel. Shri Goyal ( [Christopher J. Matheus (, m.j.o, 10/30.]

A Texas start-up selling real-time Unix software needs a VP of software operations with 15-20 years of experience. Advanced degree helpful. $100K plus bonus and stock. Sally King (king@exearch.uucp), King ComputerSearch, Inc., (214) 238-1021, (214) 699-9551 Fax. [m.j.o, 11/4.] "15 years recruiting for technology companies." Getting a resume in her file might pay off.

Booz, Allen & Hamilton, Advanced Decision Systems Div. (McLean, VA), needs BS/MS/PhD expert systems and CBR developers for C/Unix financial applications and other projects. Darrell Oresky (, (703) 902-3663 Fax. [Ed Kenna (, m.j.o, 11/3.]

UIllinois' State Water Survey, Office of Spatial and Data Analysis, seeks an assistant professional scientist with 2 years experience in ARC-INFO GIS or image processing. Would prepare research proposals and provide GIS support. Joyce Changnon, Human Resources, Position 92-10, 2204 Griffith Drive, Champaign, IL 61820. [Robert Sinclair (, m.j.o, 11/4.]

Eli Lilly and Co. needs CASE-experienced BS/MS data analysts to guide R&D of information technology in scientific, medical, manufacturing, and business systems. Corporate Recruitment- Systems Dept. CN1192, Lilly Corporate Center, Indianapolis, IN 46285. [Online Career Center (, m.j.o, 11/3.]

The Apex Group is looking for an analyst to plan and support an MS Windows image recognition and tracking project in Crofton, MD. Will later port to Unix. Sam Fine (resume, (301) 596-2260. [Joseph Herman (, m.j.o, 11/4.]

The Federal Reserve System (Washington, DC), Div. of Research and Statistics, needs a BA/BS information systems analyst to support economists using Unix DBMS applications, SAS, S-PLUS, etc. Michael R. Grupe ( [m.j.o, 11/4.] A good entry-level opening for a government-sector career.

A Philadelphia financial research company needs a C++ programmer with strong mathematics skills. Scott Andrews (, (215) 854-0665 Fax. [m.j.o, 11/4.]

Interleaf (Redwood Shores, CA) needs project managers in information technology, especially electronic publishing. Oracle RDBMS experience required, LISP/SQL a plus. Sheila Marinucci (, (408) 496-6729 Fax. [m.j.o, 11/5.]

General Magic is seeking outstanding C/C++ object programmers, technical writers, etc. Must be able to achieve at least two impossible things. Sondra Card (, 2465 Latham Street, Mountain View, CA 94040. [John Giannandrea (, ba.j.o, 11/6.]

George Mason University (Fairfax, VA), Center for AI, needs an MS/PhD faculty research associate in KR, ML, inference, and computer vision. Apply by 12/4. [Ken Kaufman (,, 11/2.]

ULeeds, Div. of AI, has two 3-year research fellowships in logical and computational aspects of spatial reasoning. Postdoc preferred. Apply to Tony Cohn (, +44 532 335482, by 11/12. [C.M. Hearne (,, 11/3.]

USouth Australia Levels Campus has a tenurable CIS opening for a lecturer in DB, DSS, and information systems. Obtain a role statement from C.F. Steketee (, +61 8 302-3194, by 11/20. [m.j.o, 11/8.]

UBristol (UK) has an open CS lectureship in parallel computing and logic programming, machine intelligence (esp. vision/speech), or other topic. Contact, 0272- 303584, by 11/27. [I.C.G. Campbell (, connectionists, 11/2.]

Stanford's Dept. of CS and EE is looking for an assistant professor in heterogeneous, distributed systems software, including database integration, intelligent agents, and federation of systems in IC manufacturing, medicine, or science. Contact Hector Garcia-Molina ( by 1/31/93. [dbworld, 11/9.]

SMU needs a senior systems analyst to lead a NOTIS development team. Requires four years experience, at least two in library automation. CICS, SAS, JCL, VSAM; possibly PL/I, Assembler, C, COBOL, and Unix. Apply to SMU P.O. Box 232, Dallas, TX 75275, by 11/23. [Carolyn Kacena (vb7r1001@smuvm1.bitnet), PACS-L, 11/5.]

Cornell's Mann Library (Ithaca, NY) needs an experienced Unix/C senior systems analyst to create innovative information systems for scholars. Advanced CS/IS degree desirable. Job PT4311, available 12/10. Contact Peter Schrempf by 11/18. [Tim Lynch (, PACS-L, 11/6.]

NSF is looking for a deputy director, Div. of International Programs. FTP file vep931 from [grants, 11/9.]

ULund (Sweden), Dept. of Theoretical Physics, will have a 2-year postdoc in neural networks available 9/93. Problems include optimization, prediction, robust statistics, configurational chemistry, and experimental physics. Apply by 12/15 to Carsten Peterson ( [connectionists, 11/10.]