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A/UX... More Is Better?

by Mark H. Anbinder, Contributing Editor

Apple recently announced to dealers a license upgrade option for owners of the 16-user license of A/UX 3.0, Apple's Unix operating system, bringing the maximum number of users to 32. Until now, each A/UX workstation was limited to 16 users, but Apple is providing this expanded user license option for customers with "growing enterprise-wide systems."

For $2,500, users will be able to order the license kit, which enables a single A/UX installation to support up to 32 users. We suspect that most designers of "enterprise-wide systems" would have selected either individual Macintosh workstations, or some other time-sharing system, but for those who felt a 16-user A/UX system would suffice and are now discovering they just can't get enough A/UX, this license upgrade should fit the bill.

The license kit (item number M8099LL/A) is available directly from Apple Software Licensing, but the required form is on AppleLink under the path Apple Products -> A/UX -> Ordering & Licensing -> Licensing -> A/UX 32 User License & Instructions. Users without direct access to AppleLink will need to acquire the form from their dealers, who may be miffed that Apple is handling all these sales directly.