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Apple Announces New Promotion

by Mark H. Anbinder -- TidBITS Contributing Editor

Special promotions seem to be all the rage at Apple these days, and Spring '92 will be no exception. Apple has just announced the new "Easy to Buy, Easy to Use" promotion, which will run from 15-Apr-92 until 5-Jul-92. Customers who purchase certain Macintosh products will be eligible for a special financing deal and free software.

Customers purchasing any configuration of the Macintosh Classic II, LC, LC II, or any PowerBook with an Apple Consumer Credit Card need not make payments for three months and will not be assessed any finance charges on the purchase for three months. Also, purchasers of the Classic II, PowerBook 100, or PowerBook 140 (though NOT the 170 or either LC model) will receive their choice of Microsoft Works, ClarisWorks, or Symantec GreatWorks, free of charge.

The customer must get a special coupon from their dealer, fill it out, and send it to Apple along with their invoice in order to participate in this special offer. Apple will be checking that the invoices are from authorized resellers, so people who purchase from "grey-marketers," or non-authorized companies, will be out of luck.