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Apple Discontinues Tape Cartridge

by Mark H. Anbinder, Contributing Editor

Apple seems to be doing its spring cleaning a little late, removing from its product lists the various obsolete products that have hung around for a while. The latest "victim" is the tape cartridge for Apple's Tape Backup 40SC (the drive itself was discontinued long ago). The tape cartridge, Apple product number M0132, will be removed from price lists this month. Those users who have stuck by their Tape Backup 40SC drives should still be able to purchase compatible DC600 cartridges made by companies such as Sony and 3M.

While the software that came with the Tape Backup 40SC is not compatible with System 7, Apple recommends that users continue to use the drive with System 6, or purchase the Retrospect backup software published by Dantz. Retrospect works perfectly with Apple's drive, even under System 7, and in fact is much faster at its job than the original Apple software.

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