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Apple/Radius Card Looks to the Future

by Mark H. Anbinder, News Editor --

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers

Apple seems to waver between wanting to provide complete Macintosh system solutions all by itself, and leveraging third-party developers' product lines to best effect. They've found the best of both worlds with last month's announcement that the company has begun shipping a new "Macintosh Display Card 24AC," an accelerated 24-bit NuBus card manufactured for Apple by Radius.

Currently the card, which supports all of Apple's Macintosh-compatible monitors and many third-party monitors, is available only in a bundle with the $3,599 Macintosh 21" Color Display (bundle part number B1737LL/A). According to Apple, the card will be available as a stand-alone product in early 1994. Intended users are those who need to view and manipulate large, full-color images.

The Macintosh Display Card 24AC is compatible with all Quadra, Centris, and Macintosh II family computers with an available NuBus slot (the IIsi and Centris/Quadra 610 and 660AV require a NuBus adapter for their PDS slots), and will support forthcoming PowerPC computers. This card differs from the similar Radius card, the PrecisionColor 24X Pro, in that it includes custom ROM firmware and will be compatible with future Apple displays.

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