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BCS Internet SIG

The Boston Computer Society, the world's largest computer user group, has created an Internet Special Interest Group (ISIG) in response to increased interest in the Internet, without doubt the coolest thing happening in communication today. You have to be a BCS member or an MIT person to join the ISIG, but anyone can attend the meetings or join the ISIG's Internet mailing list.

ISIG provides an opportunity for members to explore two common questions about the Internet. Ever wondered what the Internet is good for, or how you could access and use it? Then the ISIG can help. Like standard user group SIGs, the ISIG will have local monthly meetings and will offer other user group services to people in Boston, such as free and low-cost classes, but members outside of Boston receive a monthly newsletter and free support via phone or electronic mail.

"This is a big step for the BCS," said ISIG Director Michael Barrow, a computer systems consultant at MIT. "Until now, there was no place for people outside the universities and the computer industry to learn about the net."

For more information contact:
Michael Barrow, Boston Computer Society
617/252-0600 -- 617/491-4580 -- 617/577-9365 (fax)
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