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Greetings, and welcome to TidBITS's 1997 gift issue. Following last year's example, this issue falls outside our regular publication schedule as a special issue. Think of it as a slice of time at a coffee shop where different TidBITS readers dropped in to share gift suggestions with fellow Macintosh aficionados. In some cases, we at TidBITS know about these products or have tried them for this issue; in other cases, we've done little except pass on the suggestion with a working URL.

We were impressed at the variety of products suggested, to the point where we recommend reading this issue not only for gift ideas but also to be reminded of the wide range of products available for the Mac. Although we tried to categorize the suggestions, some don't fit clearly into one category, so skim the entire issue so you don't miss cool items.

Finally, best wishes for a happy holiday season from the TidBITS staff: Tonya Engst (who put this issue together), Adam Engst, Mark Anbinder, Jeff Carlson, Geoff Duncan, and Matt Neuburg.