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PostalUnion Unites MS Mail, Internet Mail

by Mark H. Anbinder, Contributing Editor --

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers

Information Electronics announced that it is shipping its fifth gateway to the Internet, PostalUnion/SMTP for Microsoft Mail. In celebration of its fifth Internet gateway product (eleventh gateway overall), the company is offering a pre-release special price of $695 for its unlimited-users package linking Microsoft Mail to the Internet via SMTP, instead of the full price of $995.

This new gateway fits into IE's family of PostalUnion gateways, which take advantage of the company's rich, modular PostalUnion mail interchange system. The company develops a single PostalUnion module for each mail system, and combines these modules to create the needed gateway products. The PostalUnion format itself is an intermediate storage format that includes all mail attributes and capabilities of the supported mail systems, as well as a number of attributes and capabilities not available in current mail products. This ingenious approach helps the company take most of the drudgery out of developing each gateway, and, they say, allows them to pass the savings in time and expense to the purchaser.

To date, the company has developed PostalUnion modules for FirstClass, Microsoft Mail, QuickMail, Internet via SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), and Internet via UUCP . Available gateways include FirstClass to Microsoft Mail, FirstClass to Internet (both SMTP and UUCP), FirstClass to QuickMail, and QuickMail to Microsoft Mail. The company has a wide installed user base of its SMTPQM and UMCPQM Internet gateways for QuickMail (using pre-PostalUnion technology), and plans to provide an upgrade path for these users at a future time.

The PostalUnion/SMTP for Microsoft Mail gateway offers an unlimited-user license (including support for multiple Microsoft Mail servers), a POP3 feature allowing users of both Microsoft Mail and a POP3 client to combine their mail into one mailbox, direct MacTCP support, support for the full Microsoft Mail user name and custom aliases, UNIX-style .signature files, automatic word wrap in outgoing mail, automatic support for uuencoded AppleSingle or BinHex enclosures, and a character translation table to turn the Mac's extended character set into readable text for the rest of the universe.

Orders for this gateway at the introductory price of $695 must be pre-paid by check (New York State customers must add sales tax. Credit card orders are not accepted, and purchase orders must be accompanied by check). Canadian customers should add $15 for shipping, and all other non-U.S. customers should add $30. U.S. customers will receive second-day UPS Blue shipping where possible at no extra charge. The offer expires at the end of this week, as the software is being released on 01-May-93. Send to:

Information Electronics
520 West Lake Road
Hammondsport, NY 14840 USA
607/868-3333 (fax)

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