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Warnings and Upgrades

by Mark H. Anbinder -- TidBITS Contributing Editor

LC II Ethernet Card -- Users who have an old Macintosh LC Ethernet Card and need to use it with a Mac LC II (if, for example, they have upgraded their LCs to LC IIs) will need to upgrade the card to a Macintosh LC II Ethernet Card. This requires a simple, and free, ROM swap. This can be arranged through any Apple authorized service center, who will be able to order the ROM upgrade for you. Users who are still using the card in an LC do not need to upgrade the card, but since the free upgrade will only be available until 30-Jun-93, it might be a good idea to take care of it just in case.

Unplug that Quadra! -- A recent Apple technical memo noted that, because of a +5 volt trickle charge that the Quadra 900 provides to one pin on each NuBus card, it is important to unplug the Quadra 900 before installing or removing any NuBus card. (The manual states this fact when describing the card installation procedure, but Apple has received reports that some users have missed this warning.) The trickle charge is provided so that a NuBus card can be designed to allow for remote booting.

Personal LaserWriter LS Driver 7.2 -- Apple has released a new version, 7.2, of the Personal LaserWriter LS driver. The new driver allows the printer to print closer to the edge of the page on legal-sized pages. The previous driver imposed one-inch margins on legal-sized pages, to provide for backward compatibility with the Personal LaserWriter SC, but in response to numerous customer complaints, the company produced a new version that allows the printer to come within a quarter inch of each side. The new driver will be available from dealers, user groups, and licensed online services.

Don't Plug that PowerBook! -- Kim Cary writes to say that a user plugged their StyleWriter power connector into a PowerBook 140, zapping the charging circuit and requiring a $650 repair to let the unit work on battery power again. Kim guessed that the StyleWriter power connector has a reverse polarity from the PowerBook's own power connector. So if you have a PowerBook and a StyleWriter around, be careful when you plug it in.

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