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HyperCard 2.2 Upgrade

by Mark H. Anbinder, News Editor --

Apple announced that the over 52,000 registered users of HyperCard 2.0 and 2.1 will receive an upgrade coupon in the mail within the next few weeks, outlining the upgrade options for HyperCard 2.2. The upgrade is for owners of the HyperCard retail software package or the HyperCard Developer Licensing Kit, but not for people who received HyperCard or the HyperCard Player on the disks that came with a new Macintosh.

The upgrade, available only within the U.S., costs $89 for those who purchased HyperCard before 01-Nov-93, or $39 for those who bought it since (plus tax, shipping, and handling). The upgrade offer is valid through 01-Apr-94, and Apple accepts orders only by mail. Proof of purchase, which must be mailed with the order, may include the manual cover, disk, or an itemized sales invoice, for the $89 upgrade. Orders for the more-restricted $39 upgrade must include a dated, itemized sales invoice to prove purchase following 01-Nov-93.

If you registered your copy of HyperCard, you should receive an upgrade coupon. To ensure that you receive one, or for more information about the upgrade offer, call 800/769-2775, extension 7810. If we learn of upgrade offers available outside the U.S., we'll pass the word along.

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