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New Look for CE Software

by Mark H. Anbinder -- TidBITS Contributing Editor

Just in time for Earth Day, though that seems to be a coincidence, CE Software has been making strides towards maximizing their use of recycled and recyclable materials. Along with a new logo and new package designs, CE is now using recycled/recyclable materials for their boxes, manuals, and even corporate stationery. In addition, at the last Macworld in San Francisco, CE even eschewed the standard plastic giveaway in favor of a specially labeled package of wildflower seeds.

CE's current QuickMail manuals are not recycled/recyclable, but as soon as the current supply is exhausted, the next batch will be. In addition, all of CE's manuals are now being printed with soy-based inks, and CE products will no longer be shrink-wrapped. Following in the footsteps of some other forward-thinking companies, CE is also reducing the size of its boxes by eliminating unneeded "dead space," limiting waste in both packaging materials and storage space.

The company of course promotes careful use of natural resources simply by virtue of its electronic communications product line. Software like QuickMail, In/Out, and Alarming Events all tend to reduce paper waste by allowing people to communicate electronically. As a purely electronic operation ourselves, generating virtually no waste and using virtually no natural resources, we at TidBITS applaud CE's efforts to minimize their contribution to our society's wasteful practices.

Information from:
Michele Eddie, CE Software -- 515/224-1995