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Connection Kits Combined

by Mark H. Anbinder, News Editor --

Citing confusion among dealers and early product testers, Apple consolidated the Newton Connection Kit and Connection Pro Kit for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The new Newton Connection Kits will be less expensive than, but offer all the functionality of, the originally-announced Connection Pro Kits.

Users of the 0.9 beta version of the Newton Connection Kit apparently recommended a more complete solution to Apple, suggesting that the capability for importing and exporting information was critical. Also, some dealers and other Newton outlets expressed confusion regarding the different functionality of the different products. In Apple's original plans, only the Connection Pro Kits for Macintosh or Windows supported data import and export; the Connection Kits simply provided for backup of data on the MessagePad, and installation of software packages and updates from the Mac or Windows side.

In a move that should eliminate most of the confusion, Apple removed the Newton Connection Kits from its product lists, renamed the Connection Pro Kits as Connection Kits, and lowered the price somewhat. This results in a single kit for Macintosh and a single kit for Windows.