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New MessagePad, System Update

by Mark H. Anbinder, News Editor <>

Director of Technical Services, Baka Industries Inc.

A new MessagePad model introduced today reassures Newton users that Apple plans to continue expanding and supporting this product line. The MessagePad 120 offers a more usable design and more available memory, The unit is available in two basic memory configurations, with 1 MB or 2 MB of RAM.

Physically, the MessagePad 120 features a removable cover, better screen clarity, and a more convenient side-mounted lock for the PCMCIA slot. The PCMCIA slot also supports cards with higher power requirements than earlier Newton models' slots. Apple says the 325 mA slot in the MessagePad 120 (compared to 115 mA in the 110 model) will better support wireless LAN solutions and radio modems, among other devices.

In addition to extra memory, the 2 MB configuration includes Pocket Quicken and an external data/fax modem. Since much of a Newton's RAM is taken up by operating system processes and applications, doubling the RAM more than doubles the amount of memory available to the user.

At the same time, Apple introduced Newton System 1.3, with separate versions available for MessagePad 100 and MessagePad 110 users. The update increases the reliability of erasing PCMCIA flash cards and improves handling of user preferences. Notification windows now survive when the MessagePad goes to sleep and phone dialing may now include the * and # tones.

You can download the system update from the various commercial online services and from the Internet at:

Modem-equipped MessagePad owners may also update automatically via Apple's Newton Enhancement Server at 800/NEWTON9 or 408/639-8669. Users in the U.S. who wish to obtain the update on a disk for a nominal shipping and handling charge may call 800/315-2246 after 06-Feb-95. Apple strongly recommends backing up the MessagePad's contents with a Connection Kit or a PCMCIA memory card before upgrading.

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