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Enabler Availability

by Mark H. Anbinder, Contributing Editor --

Technical Support Coordinator, BAKA Computers

In TidBITS-164, we reported the release of Apple's long-awaited 32-bit System Enabler, replacing MODE32 for System 7.1 users, and a Hardware System Update, consisting of performance enhancements for some users. Unfortunately, there's been confusion as to availability of these items. Different quarters at Apple gave conflicting reports as to whether these items existed, or if they'd been released, and the fact that the software was already circulating confused the issue even more.

Suffice it to say that the software IS now available, on AppleLink under the path "Software Sampler -> Apple SW Updates -> Macintosh -> Supplemental System Software," via anonymous FTP on in the directory </dts/mac/sys.soft/>, from dealers, and from user groups and other online services that are licensed to distribute Apple software, including CompuServe, America Online, and BIX. Apple's order-processing house will accept orders for the $10 disk-by-mail version if you call 800/892-4649. Shipping should take six to eight weeks, according to the nice lady at the order line.

Apple Enabler Orders -- 800/892-4649