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This week we bring you info on a new set of DeskWriter drivers for PCI Power Macs, Adobe's purchase of Ceneca Communications, and version 2.0 of Netscape Navigator. Also, learn about StarNine's acquisition of the moribund Microsoft Mail, a new release of The Internet Adapter, and Pinehill Software's Newton application development tool AppGen. Finally, we round out the issue with highlights from the mammoth Apple Expo in Paris and Tonya's look at the font management utility TypeTamer.


  • MailBITS/25-Sep-95
  • Seeing Double?
  • TIA 2.0 Available
  • Newton Tool Builds Custom Applications
  • StarNine Rescues Microsoft Mail
  • Apple Expo in Paris
  • TypeTamer Meets Grunge Fonts
  • Reviews/25-Sep-95

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