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View the documentYet Another 7.5.2 Printing Update
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Having problems with your new PCI Power Mac? Maybe this week's crop of fixes and updates will help you out. Also, learn about a new commercial HTML editor, get more details on nifty digital cameras, plus read about the just-announced PowerPC Platform specification and where on the Web to find the Internet white paper Adam wrote for Apple. Finally, we round out the issue with the first part of an interview with the well-known Mac Internet developer Peter Lewis.


  • MailBITS/20-Nov-95
  • Yet Another 7.5.2 Printing Update
  • Apple Confirms Problems with 7200/90 Ethernet
  • Web Weaver Goes Commercial
  • Digital Camera Details
  • InterviewBITS with Peter Lewis (Part 1)
  • Reviews/20-Nov-95

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