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View the documentBattery Problem Sidelines PowerBook 5300s
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Tune into TidBITS this week to learn some hot (and unfortunate) news about PowerBook 5300-series batteries. You'll also find Tonya expressing frustration over the missed opportunity in ClarisWorks 4.0's HTML converter, plus info on a contest to determine the security of Macintosh-based Web servers. And if you want a vanity-plate Internet site, the world just changed: check out Glenn Fleishman's analysis of the new charge for registering Internet domain names.


  • MailBITS/18-Sep-95
  • Battery Problem Sidelines PowerBook 5300s
  • ClarisWorks and HTML: Can this Relationship be Saved?
  • Domain Name Registration Fees Underway
  • Reviews/18-Sep-95

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