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View the documentZip-ity-doo-dah - the Iomega Zip Drive
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News this week of Apple's reorganization and its compelling new line of Mac-based World-Wide Web servers, plus information on a new virus and a new release of John Norstad's popular anti-virus utility Disinfectant, a review of Iomega's fast-selling Zip drive, and coverage from Matt Neuburg of the latest update to Now Utilities. Finally, we wrap up the issue with a less-than-fictional essay on the absolute essentials of word processing.


  • MailBITS/10-Apr-95
  • New nVIR Clone Targets Disinfectant
  • Apple to Offer Web Servers
  • Zip-ity-doo-dah - the Iomega Zip Drive
  • Now Utilities Update and Demo
  • Word 6.0 - NOT!
  • Reviews/10-Apr-95

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