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It has been a hard week for TidBITS. I'm barely keeping my head above water while in the final throes of finishing the fourth edition of Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh, and if that wasn't enough, both Geoff and I have had major disk problems (at one point, four of my five main machines were causing significant trouble simultaneously, and Geoff's problems destroyed several MailBITS and articles he was working on that day). As a result of all these problems, distribution of this issue, particularly to some of the online services, might end up being slightly delayed. Times like these make me wonder what I could have possibly done to offend the computer gods, and if a ritual tofu sacrifice might help. [ACE]

Email Woes Update -- Geoff is still recovering from his hard disk problems, and asks that you note that replies to email sent to him or to <> are likely to be delayed. I have never seen Adam work so hard in the ten years I've known him; needless to say, replies to email sent to him are also likely to be delayed. I'm digging my way out of some 400 messages in my In box that I didn't get to while working on my part of the Internet Starter Kit, so I'll be replying to my email, albeit not as promptly as I'd prefer. [TJE]