Pukapuka 4, Nama 7

whārangi 66  (16 ngā whārangi)
titiro ki te whārangi o mua65
67titiro ki te whārangi o muri

Tirohia ngā kupu whakataki o tēnei niupepa

TE WANANGA. Grey, the, candidate who was supposed to be identified with those objectionable parties, polled within ; twenty-four of winning, and beat Mr. Sutton on his ground—the town of Napier—by thirteen votes. The people of Napier, who ought to know Mr. Sutton well, have expressed their opinion. of him by giving a majority to his most determined antagonist. The Wairoa behaved splendidly, and has in consequence provoked the wrath of our evening contemporary According to the Telegraph the Wairoa voters aro essentially topers of the first water, and give their votes to the man who " shouts " best and oftenest, and now it further tells us in effect that Wairoa is a poverty-stricken place, and will soon require a work- house to provide for its pauper population. The real explanation of the result of the election— we mean of the moral victory gained by Mr. Bu- chanan—consists in the fact that The middle and working classes of Napier and of the country districts are awaking to a true sense of their position, are see- ing clearly how They have been governed and plu-

dered by a clique, and they wish to free themselves from a yoke which means poverty and less of self respect.

Heretaunga Henare Rata Mr. Buchanan