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Don't announce positions but know what they are

We said earlier that the effective negotiator focuses on interests, not positions. This is still our position. However, we also believe you shouldn't enter the negotiation arena if you don't know what your key positions are. These key positions are: (a) What is the ideal outcome? What would it look like if you got everything you want? (b) What is realistic, given the needs of the person or party on the other side of the table? (c) What are you willing to settle for? In other words, what is your fallback position?

Knowing these positions gives you a clear idea of the parameters within which you can operate. It also means you have thought through your positions before entering into the negotiation process.

Now that we have counseled you to be clear about your ideal, realistic and fallback positions, we think it's also time to put them aside. They should be used as a reference point in efforts to negotiate your best interests. This may sound inconsistent. But, remember that it will be very hard to pursue your interests and those of the persons on the other side of the table if either one, or both, get locked into fixed positions.