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Key points

· Negotiation is a natural part of the political process.

· Negotiation is a process that can be used in many ways to assist councilors to be more effective.

· Negotiation helps parties in contention invent new options.

· Win-win/non-zero-sum solutions can be achieved through effective negotiation.

· Information, and sharing it, are the keys to reaching mutually beneficial solutions to difficult problems.

· Negotiation, as a political strategy, is not new. It has a long history of use and development.

· Cultural differences may make a difference in how individuals and groups negotiate.

· Good negotiators are as concerned about the impact of the process on the ongoing relationships of the parties concerned as they are about the tangible results.

· Effective negotiators focus on their interests, not their positions.

· Power is an integral function in the negotiation process.

· Problem-solving and negotiation, as processes, have much in common.

· Organizational roles and responsibilities can be negotiated and probably should be if you're having problems deciding who is, or should be, doing what with whom.

· Negotiation is one of those skills the councilor can use in the darkest places.