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close this bookThe Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons - Report of the Symposium (International Committee of the Red Cross , 1996, 62 p.)
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1. Preface

The Symposium brought together experts from different disciplines related to weapons. The participants were asked to contribute their opinions on every aspect of the effects of weapons on health. With the exception of the presentations, this report represents a broad consensus of the Symposium and not the opinions or policy of either individual participants or the organizations that they represent. The report is not an of official policy document of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Copies of the background papers of the presentations can be obtained from the Health Division of the ICRC.

The list of participants’ names does not include their addresses nor the organizations they represent. Only the country of residence is given.

This report has been prepared by Media Natura and its writing and publication have been sponsored by the Geneva Foundation to Protect Health in War.