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close this bookThe News Media and Humanitarian Action - Trainer's Guide - 1st Edition (Disaster Management Training Programme, 159 p.)
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View the document33. Introduction to Part 2
View the document34. Analyzing news media influence
View the document35. Frameworks for analysis
View the document36. Analyzing media influence
View the document37. Stages of response
View the document38. Stages of policymaking
View the document39. Levels of media impact
View the document40. Degrees of media impact
View the document41. CASE STUDIES
View the document42. Case study analysis
View the document43. Case study analysis
View the document44. Map of Liberia
View the document45. Liberia: 1989 - 1993
View the document46. Map of Sudan
View the document47. Sudan: 1990 - 1993
View the document48. Map of Iraq
View the document49. Northern Iraq: 1990-1996
View the document50. Northern Iraq
View the document51. Northern Iraq, resolved?
View the document52. Map of Somalia
View the document53. Somalia: 1991-1994
View the document54. Somalia: 1991-1994
View the document55. Somalia: 1991-1994
View the document56. Map of former Yugoslavia
View the document57. Former Yugoslavia: 1991-1994
View the document58. Former Yugoslavia: 1991-1994
View the document59. Former Yugoslavia: 1995-present
View the document60. Map of Haiti
View the document61. Haiti: 1992-1996
View the document62. Haiti and Liberia
View the document63. Haiti: news media limitations
View the document64. Haiti: 1995-present
View the document65. Map of Rwanda
View the document66. Rwanda: 1993-1995
View the document67. Rwanda: news media limitations
View the document68. Zaire: 1996-present
View the document69. Liberia and Northern Iraq
View the document70. Liberia and Sudan
View the document71. Somalia and the former Yugoslavia
View the document72. Haiti and Rwanda
View the document73. EXERCISE: Mutual influence
View the document74. Media effect on humanitarian response
View the document75. EXERCISE: Positive and negative impacts
View the document76. Positive impact on humanitarian action and conflict
View the document77. Negative impact on humanitarian action and conflict
View the document78. Implications for your agency
View the document79. Better policy
View the document80. Better action
View the document81. Better coverage
View the document82. Cooperation
View the document83. Opportunities for cooperation