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Disaster related mortality rate by country in the world (map)

Disaster related mortality rate by country: Average per year over the period 1960-1993


The two peaks in the period preceding 1960 represent two severe droughts in the Sahel countries dating 1910-1914 and 1940-1949. In the decade of 1980, civil conflicts and displaced populations added to the burden of disasters shouldered by this continent.

Before 1960, the collection efforts have, necessarily been from standard, historical sources or ad hoc mentions in the literature. An examination of the data shows only major catastrophic events The accuracy or the coverage of the data, therefore in the pre-1960 period is unknown. Since 1960, with the establishment of OFDA, a global database on disasters was started. Although most of the data they recorded were those in which the US had a role to play, they also included some historical records. As a result both accuracy and coverage improved to a certain extent. Later, from 1970 on, the validity of the data improved due the co-ordinating activities of DHA-UNDRO and CRED’s access to their archival files. More recently, the participation of the re-insurance companies in the EM-DAT project, further ameliorated accuracy.