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close this bookSustainable Energy News - No. 28 - February 2000 - Efficient Smoking of Fish in Uganda - Partners Surpass Promises in Thailand (INFORSE, 2000, 32 p.)
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Publications WEB, CDs, Diskettes

Energy and Environmental Technologies 1999. GREENTIE - CADDET

CD with 7,700 Worldwide Suppliers and 2000 Successful Demonstration Projects.

It enables an integrated research in both GREENTIE Directory and CADDET register database. Includes offline copies of the websites and 500 PDF files of technical brochures and newsletter articles. It allows access to 180 relevant websites.

The CD runs under Windows 95, Windows 3.1 and Mac 8.1. You need to have Microsoft Internet Explorer/Netscape Navigator 4.0.

Price: 30 EUR, 1999.

Published by GREENTIE and CADDET which are both part of International Energy Agency (IEA) and the Implementing agreement on Energy and Environmental Information Centres (EETIC). Set up within the framework of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

GREENTIE Directory & Newsletter

Greenhouse Gas Technology Information Exchange (GREENTIE), is an international information network dedicated to the collection and distribution of details on 7,700 suppliers whose technologies help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It works through Liaisons Offices in 36 countries.

The Directory can be (gratis) accessed on the internet. If you do not have internet access, diskettes and CD-ROM for Windows available (gratis).

"Green Times" 4-page Newsletter is published quarterly in English, (gratis)

GREENTIE Centre, Novem bv,
Swentiboldstraat 21, 6137 AE Sittard,
The Netherlands.
Ph: +31-46-420-2203,
fax: +31-46-451-0389,

Centres for Analysis and Dissemination of Demonstrated Energy Technologies

CADDET has a Renewable Energy and an Energy Efficiency program.

- The database of demonstrated 2000 projects can be accessed (gratis) from the internet, diskette version is available (for a small charge) for use on IBM-compatible system.

- The Newsletters, Technical Brochures are (gratis) available in print form and from the internet.


- CADDET Center for Renewable Energy, ETSU, Harwell Oxfordshire OX11 0RA, United Kingdom.
Ph: +44 1235432719,
fax: +44 1235 433595,

LIOR Multimedia CD-ROM Collection (online in 2000!)

Solution for the Environment, Renewable Energy. Series of 4 CDs:

· Wind Energy
· Biogas from Waste and Waste Water Treatment
· Solar Bioclimatic Architecture
· Biomass Combustion


Each CD includes:

· Encyclopedic general and technical information

· Case studies on successful projects

· Current National and European policy and legislation.

· Directory of relevant suppliers, engineers and experts and institutions

· Information how to obtain subsidies and grants

· Basic text in English

· Thesaurus, Glossary in 6 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, the Wind CD in Danish also)

· Media gallery, database of pictures, videos, photographs and diagrams.

Funded by the EU, THERMIE program. Prices: 190-210 EUR each (see website).

Contact: LIOR, Charlierlaan 78. 1560
Hoeilaart, Belgium.
Ph: +32-2- 3051000,
fax: +32-2-305 1010,

A UN Guide for NGOs

Contacts, services available by the United Nations' system.

208 pages, A5 format, 9th edition, September 1999.

Single copies ordered are free of charge.

Tony Hill, United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UNGLS), Palais des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland.
Ph: +41-22-917 2076,
fax: +41-22-9170049,

Policy for a More Sustainable Energy Future

By Howard Geller, ACEEE, USA.

See article on page 11.

58 pages, A4, October 1999. Research report.

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), 1001 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 801, Washington, DC 20036, USA.
Ph: 202-429-8873,
fax: 202-429-2248,

Energy Policy in the Greenhouse, Volume II Part 2.

Cutting Carbon Emissions while making Money: Climate Saving Energy Strategies for the European Union, By Florentine Krause, Jonathan Koomey, David Olivier, IPSEP.

30 pages, A4 format. October 1999.

Research report.

Contact: International Project for Sustainable Energy Paths (IPSEP).
7627 Leviston Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530, USA.
Ph: +1-510-525 7530,
fax: +1-510-525 4446,