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Performance appraisal

A performance evaluation provides an opportunity for a supervisor to discuss a staff member's progress and possible avenues for improvement or change. A primary goal of appraisal of an individual's performance is motivation. It is also an opportunity for a staff member to discuss conditions and situations under which he or she performs best. Performance evaluation should be conducted regularly and at pre-planned intervals. However, problems which need addressing either from the supervisor's or from the employee's point of view should not be "saved up" until a planned performance evaluation is to take place. A continuing dialogue between supervisor and staff is a good way to promote a spirit of cooperation and a comfortable work environment. Generally speaking, what is discussed in a performance evaluation should be written and retained as part of the employee's personnel record.

Performance evaluation, in a larger sense, is a method used to focus on the accomplishment of goals and objectives. It is a measurement against a written job description and performance standard understood by the staff member and supervisor.