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We would like to express our profound appreciation to the president of the World Bank, Mr. Lewis T. Preston, who not only supported the conference. but gave his personal attention to the preparation and proceedings. His personal involvement was widely noted and contributed much to the success of the event Likewise, the managing directors of the Bank gave freely of their time to ensure the soundness of the Bank's position vis-a-vis the issues under discussion. In particular, Mr. Sven Sandstrorn gave unstintingly of his time and energy to shepherd the various interrelated strands that made the conference possible.

Special thanks are due to the American University and its president, Mr. Elliott Milstein, and the University's Center for the Study of the Global South and its director, Mr. Clovis Maksoud, who graciously hosted the event and extended every assistance to ensure its success.

The planning and organization of the conference was a collective effort We wish to express our appreciation to the members of the conference steering committee for their tune, contributions, ant commitment to the event Nancy Alexander (Bread for the World); Richard Bissell (Overseas Development Council); Joanne Carter (Results); Vera Cathright (IFAD); Carolyn Long (Interaction); John Morrill (Congressman Tony Hall's- office); Joe Muwonge (World Vision); Martin MacLaughlin (U.S. Catholic Conference); Charles Sykes (CARE); and Jock Anderson, Alan Berg, John Clark, Timothy Cullen, Alan Drattell, Siddharth Dube, Leslie Elder, James Greene, Jeffrey Hammer, Roslyn Hees, Norman, Kozel, Hicks, Valerie Kozel, Matthew McHugh, Oey Meesook.

John Mitchell, Michel Petit, Bill Stanton, Harry Walters, and Aubrey Williams (World Bank).

We would like to thank other Bank staff whose dedication and hard work contributed to the success of the event. We would like to acknowledge in particular, Richard Barrett, Fleurdeliza Canlas, Anjali Chadha, Beni Chibber Rao, Meta de Ccquereaumont, Beni Devine, Alan Donovan, Elizabeth Dvorscak, Barbara Eckberg, Arlene Elcock Claire Evans, Kelly Forrest, Chantal Fox, Catherine Guie, Julie Harris, Alicia Hetzner, Tomoko Hirata, Dean Housden, Sarwat Hussain, Heather Imboden, Vincent Jayasuriya, Cordell McKinley James McKinley, Adoracion Morao, Rene San Martin, Patricia Moran, [Karen Osborne, Joyce Sabaya, Aissatou Seck, Rachel Sengers, Saydeh Shammas, Christine Stover, Fulvia Toppin, Rita Vartanian, Luisa Victorio, Dayananda Weerakkody, and Magdalen Zee-Wu Special thanks to Michele Iannacci and his staff for pro viding all the pictures in this Document. In addition, we would like to acknowledge the staff of the Center for the Study or the Global South, especially Ron Carlton Patrick Grady, Dina Kasrawi, Yasmine Khan, Katie Lukianoff, Susie Nemazee, David Taylor, and Tony Vechhione.

The editors also wish to express their appreciation to Judith Nicholson for managing the participatory process throughout the planning stage and for organizing the Participatory Workshop, which preceded the main event, and to evening Bermudez for her invaluable assistance in coordinating the conference and bringing this document to publication. Finally, we are especially grateful to our editorial consultant Alice Dowsett.