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close this bookSpecial Public Works Programmes - SPWP - Anti-Erosion Ditches - Training Element and Technical Guide for SPWP Workers, Booklet No. 1 (ILO - UNDP, 84 p.)
close this folder5. Procedure
View the document5.1 Site selection
View the document5.2 Siting of the ditches
View the document5.3 Plotting the dimensions of the ditch
View the document5.4 Preparing the surface soil of the ditch site
View the document5.5 Excavating the ditch
View the document5.6 Checking the dimensions of the ditch
View the document5.7 Constructing the retaining banks
View the document5.8 Checking that the retaining banks are horizontal
View the document5.9 Improving the waterways
View the document5.10 Protecting the slopes