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close this bookEnvironmental Handbook Volume I: Introduction, Cross-sectoral Planning, Infrastructure (GTZ, 1995, 591 p.)
close this folderGuidelines for conducting a comprehensive study of a project's environmental aspects
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View the document1. Definition of the area(s) affected
View the document2. Existing stresses and stability/stress resistance of ecosystems
View the document3. Description of stresses originating from the project
View the document4. Assessment of future overall stresses and their impacts
View the document5. Recommendations for environmentally sound options
View the document6. Overall assessment and decision-making aids

6. Overall assessment and decision-making aids

6.1 Are the project's impacts foreseeable and assessable?

6.2 How is the project to be rated from the environmental viewpoint?

- As having positive effects on the environment
- As having no environmental significance
- As defensible, i.e. acceptable with additional conditions imposed where necessary
- To be rejected on environmental grounds